Jan. 25th, 2015

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This year, to mark both Valentine’s Day and International Fanworks Day, [livejournal.com profile] evilsam_spn is trying something new. Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair for the awesome idea.

Evil!Sam Roulette

How Does It Work?
Like roulette, you pick a colour (red or black) and you pick a number (0-36) and you spin (comment in this post) and you see what Lady Luck (that’s me) has in store for you. Essentially, it’s a lucky dip of song prompts. You pick red you will get a love song (for the hopeful romantics among us). You pick black you will get a non-love song (songs on various other themes, nothing romantic here per se). There’s a randomised list of 36 songs in various genres (pop, rock, rap, opera, blues, classical…) for each colour.

But you know the ropes - it must have evil, dark, slighty devilish Sam in there somewhere :D It is an Evil!Sam roulette after all.


How Should I Use My Prompt?
As an inspiration for your fanwork, however you choose to interpret that. You can let it inspire you in general ways, insert it into a story (last song in the murder victims mp3 player?), use the lyrics in graphics, do a vid with it, use it as a starting point for a fanmix… The possibilities are endless.

What If I Hate My Prompt Song?
Tough. Remember though that you don’t have to use the song in a positive manner to inspire your fanwork… You can write a ficlet about Dean ranting how the kids nowadays just don’t understand music (that's canon :D )

How Many Songs Can I Claim?
Max two in the first instance. There may likely be spares left over as we get toward the end of claiming period.

What’s The Minimum Output?

• 500 words of fic

• 6 icons

• 1 larger graphic

• 30 sec vidlet

• 6 song EP fanmix

• Other forms of fannish creativity are more than welcome, just let me know your plans

What’s The Timeline?

• Prompt claiming opens: 25th of Jan

• Prompt claiming closes: 12th of Feb / as long as there are unclaimed prompts. That’s right, you can claim right up to the posting period but note you have to have your fanwork ready for that!

• Posting starts: 13th of Feb

• Posting closes: 15th of Feb

Sounds Awesome, Can I Pimp This To My Mates?
Please do. And feel free to grab the banner to do so.

I’m Still Confused And Have Questions
Then ask away.


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