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If you would like to affiliate with evilsam_spn please contact pushkin666

Welcome to evilsam_spn, Where Sam Winchester Shows His True Colors. This community is for fan fiction, fan art, fan videos, and any type of discussion relating to Sam and any evilness......


1. PLEASE KEEP ALL SEXUAL ACTIVITY TO CHARACTERS 16 YEARS AND OLDER. . If sexual activity for younger characters is intimated at please ensure the story is available to members only. It's just safer for you and the community if this rule is followed.

2. Please behave and be nice to one another. Don't flame someone because they wrote Sam/Dean. Don't flame someone because they wrote het. Don't flame if Sam becomes an evil!Rabbit king. If you don't like a story, don't review it if you don't have anything nice to say. Don't start any arguments just to get on someone's nerves.

3. Please ask pushkin666 for permission before posting a community promotion. It is always polite to ask! If you do not the entry will be deleted.

+Rules for Posting Fan Fiction/Fan Videos/Fan Art

1. All genres are accepted. This is not a slash only community!

2. All ratings are welcome and please make sure the rating is clear and that there are appropriate warnings. If I go in expecting Evil!Sam playing poker with the devil and then find out there's also gang raping of some person? Yeah. Put up proper warnings.

3. Please also post warnings for spoilers, and post them under an LJ cut.

4. You can either post straight here or link to your own site/journal behind a LJ-cut. The same goes for fan art and fan videos.

5. Please tag where possible. If there isn't a tag for what you want, it can be provided.

+ Most of all, enjoy yourself. That's what we're here for after all.

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