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And we're done ...

So, here's the very last one of all of the yearly round-ups, which is for art and vids.

Hopefully these has been of some use to people. Nobody has complained so far so about me basically bombarding them with the round-ups so fingers crossed!

Evil!Sam Art and Videos 2007 )
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So, here's the third and the final of the promised yearly round-ups for fiction. This is the slash section.

Within this list I've included pre-slash and those stories that are slash/het but where the main pairings are slash.

This was fun to do because I got to read all of the stories again, which is also why it probably took so long *grins*.

Like I said before why not go and revisit some old friends or check out some new ones.

Evil!Sam Slash Fics 2007 )
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So, here's the second of the promised yearly round-ups. This is the gen section. I haven't included those fics that are pre-slash because although I have heard them mentioned in the same breath I don't think the two are the same. So the pre-slash will be going in the slash round-up, which is a biggie!

Like I said before why not go and revisit some old friends or check out some new ones.

Evil!Sam Gen Fics 2007 )
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So, here's the first of the promised yearly round-ups. These are the fics that were posted from when the community started, in April 2007 to December 2007.

I haven't included those fics that are slash and het, simply because the main pairing in most of them appeared to be slash.

This is the round-up that is also getting posted first because for some strange reason it's the shortest of them. Can't imagine why *laughs*. Clearly lots of people like to slash Sam up ...

So here ya go and fingers crossed I haven't screwed up the html coding again!.

Go and revisit some old friends or check out some new ones. There are some great fics here, I've read them all. The only het I'll read is Evil!Sam so ...*shrugs*.

Evil!Sam Het Fics 2007 )
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So a very belated but Happy New Year to all of you Evil!Sam lovers from myself and [livejournal.com profile] xphoenixrising .

*waves from both of us*

As a mod I haven't been very active over the last few months but I'm back now so expect to hear more from me on recommendations and other things. *Ponders* This might not necessarily be a good thing!


So, why are we all here? Well, the below description is courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair who first introduced me to Evil!Sam.

Why we love Evil!Sam ...

Please consider the following statements and indicate whether you Agree or Disagree with them. Do not take too long to think about it but go with your first instinct. There are no right or wrong answers, just sexy ones.

1. Unusual eye colour (e.g. all black or glow-in-the-dark yellow) make your underpants go BOOM.
2. Sudden onset of smoking/drinking/bending people over the bar is sexy.
3. Affinity to sprout Latin and crack ceilings with a power of one's mind equals foreplay.
4. Beating someone bloody is a prelude to really hot, if morally dubious, sex

Season 3 is shaping up to be very interesting but for those members who haven't seen any of it yet I'm saying nothing further ...

However for those of you in the UK who haven't seen any of Season 3 yet, it starts on ITV2 this Sunday at 9.30pm.

Yearly Round-Up

It's almost the end of January and I haven't as yet posted the round-up of last year's fics, vids and art. Mainly because I completely messed up the html coding the first time round but this will be posted before the end of the week.

Which gives me all of a week to do January's round-up. A new thing for the community but something I think is of help, and something that has worked well in other communities out there.

Header Competition

Not much interest on this initially but I suspect that it was because the details weren't particularly, well ... detailed. My fault completely. I suck at anything to do with graphics. This will be relisted shortly and [livejournal.com profile] xphoenixrising and I have now worked out what the prizes will be. *Grins*


I have a huge list of these, both fics and videos and will be posting these over the next week or so.

Asylum Convention - Coventry, May 2008

Not sure if anybody from the community is going to this. Jared is hopefully going to be there (although he cancelled last year), but fingers crossed. If anybody is going and wants to meet up, well the more the merrier.

We need more Evil!Sam fics, graphics, vids and anything else that people can think of that appertains to Evil, Bad or Possessed Sam. So people you know what you need to do, get scribbling, writing, creating vids and letting us know of any recommendations you might have.



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