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Soul Overturned evil!Sam Fic/Vid/Art Challenge Masterlist

This challenge was based on song prompts from Soul Overturned – an evil!Sam fanmix. Here are the entries. Enjoy and remember to leave feedback to all the talented writers, artists and vidders.

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ATTENTION all participants of the Soul Overturned evil!Sam Fic/Vid/Art Challenge.

This is to remind you that the challenge entries are due in two weeks. The original deadline for the challenge was Friday the 3rd of August. I remember setting it, thinking I'd have the weekend to sort out the Masterlist and hunt missing participants if necessary. However, little did I know at the time that I would in fact be spending that weekend in a Supernatural fan meet-up squeeing my little heart out. Therefore, on that date I anticipate being a) unable to access the net for any extended period, and b) largely incoherent with glee. In light of this, the deadline has been extended to Monday the 6th of August.

On that date, please post your entries at the place of your choice. This can be your own personal LJ or website, [community profile] evilsam_spn or any other appropriate LJ community. The only condition is that you must be able to provide me with a link to your entry.

You can do this by commenting on the Masterlist I will post here in [community profile] evilsam_spn, so please keep an eye on the community.

Any problems, please let me know ASAP by commenting below or e-mailing me at kat_lair at hotmail dot com.


If there are still people interested in taking part, you are more than welcome to sign-up, as long as you can finish your entry by the due date the 6th of August.
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Thank you for everyone who signed up for the Challenge.

While the "official" sign-ups are now closed, I will certainly still accept participants as we did not get that many. So, if you are only now wandering in, go to the original post for more information if you are interested.

Please check your details to make sure they are correct. I will also be e-mailing all the participants with the same information.

Remember that the entries are due 3 August, so get cracking!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the challenge, you can either comment here or e-mail me at kat_lair at hotmail dot com
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Soul Overturned - an evil!Sam mix

Mistress Kat / [personal profile] kat_lair 
Cover art: [profile] razorxrosary 

Notes: I have deep and unholy love for evil!Sam, and a firm conviction that what the world really needed was another fanmix dedicated to him. This time with strong Wincestual overtones. Because that’s the way I swing, baby! Thousand thanks to the disgustingly talented [profile] razorxrosary  for the shiver-inducing cover art, be sure to let her know how amazing it is.

Full-sized cover art including a complete CD booklet at my journal.
Song list and download links also at my journal.


But wait! That's not all! With the Mod's blessing I throw the Mix down as a gauntlet and inspiration for an evil!Sam FIC/VID/ART CHALLENGE.


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