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Hi evil!Sammy fans

There were some awesome entries for the Lost Months meme, awesome enough that they deserve to be pimped and have copious quantites of attention drawn to them.  Add to that the fact that I hate searching comment lists for the ficlet gems hidden there (and I bet I'm not the only one) and I had to come up with a solution that tackled both of those things at once.

This is it: a masterlist of all the submissions for the challenge.  Read and enjoy, kids.

Owned by [personal profile] pushkin666
Black, White, Red (Three drabble series) by [personal profile] kat_lair
Ice Cream Parlour by [personal profile] pushkin666
Mile-Marker by [personal profile] saavikam77
Aftereffects by [personal profile] fhionnuisce
Forsaken by [profile] siubhlach
Acceptance by [personal profile] tahirire
Untitled ficlet by [personal profile] spae
Catalyst by [profile] warrior_soldier
Darth Winchester by [personal profile] pushkin666
Sweetest Torture by [profile] siubhlach
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Title:  Cycles of Thought
Author:  [profile] siubhlach
implied evil!Sam/Dean
Rating:  PG-13 probably.  I have no idea
Wordcount:  792
Warnings:  Disturbing concepts
Summary:  He's alone in the dark.  He wishes he could remember why.

I have no idea what this is.  I blame [personal profile] pushkin666 though.  Not written for the Lost Months meme (because it doesn't fit the theme) but written because of it.

Cycles of Thought
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So, welcome all to the LOST MONTHS - What evil!Sam Did on his Summer Vacation Meme 

"Time waits for no man and hell is not renowned for it's patience.  Supernatural may be on hiatus, but that's no reason for the boy king to rest on his laurels.  With season four rapidly approaching, we need to know.  Just what has Sammy been doing with his summer vacation?"

Warning:   There are likely to be spoilers here for the end of Season 3 but I would hope most people have seen it by now.

This isn't just about Evil!Sam but also can be about  Possessed, Dark or just plain Bad Sam .

This is also an open meme so it can be gen, het or slash, and is more than likely going to have wincest in it, so if that squirks you probably best to steer clear.

However, we hope that you enjoy this and give us your ideas of what you think Sammy has been doing on his Summer Vacation.


 When posting  please provide rating, and if a pairing what it is


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