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Title: be a burning star
Author: Mistress Kat / [info]kat_lair
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Genre: Drabble sequence
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/enticements: implied character death
Word count: 3x100
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing.
Prompt: Written for Summer of Evil Challenge as a response to prompt by [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 who wanted to see Dean fighting alongside Sam, rather than against him and provided Save yourself I'll hold them back by My Chemical Romance as an additional inspiration (the title comes from the lyrics).

Summary: It’s a cold day in Heaven.

be a burning star

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40 icons of evil!Sam, made for the Summer of Evil Challenge.

Credit if taking.
Comments are love.

001 002 003

Icons at my journal

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Title: Good Intentions (Pave the Way to Hell)

Author: aceofannwn

Characters: Sam, Dean

Rating: PG-13

Wordcount: 1269

Author Note: Takes place during 4.22. Originally I wrote an entirely different story for this, which you can read here. It ended up more about Gabriel than Sam, however (although it does stick to the general theme of this comm), so you guys get this instead.

Summary:  He had a chance to do what the angels either couldn’t or wouldn’t, and he was going to take it, even if Dean wouldn’t forgive him for doing so.

Good Intentions (Pave the Way to Hell)

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Title: Kneel, he whispered
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] ladytiferet
Character: Boy King!Sam
Genre: Photomanipulation
Rating: R-ish for slight nudity, slightly NSFW
A/N: Sorry for the delay, guys, got deterred by technical difficulties. I hope that a naked Sammy will make it up to you :)



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Medium: Television
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Lucifer/Sam
Title: Sick Cycle Carousal
Warnings: There are no candycanes or lollypops behind this cut, people. Because it's Lucifer. AND SAM. And they're together...as in TOGETHER.
Notes: So I lied when I said maybe this wouldn’t come out being “the love story of Sam and Lucifer”. Turns out the fangirl in me wouldn’t let anything but happen. Sighs.

(A fiddle of gold against your soul says I'm better than you)
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Title: Awakening

Author: [livejournal.com profile] immortal_jedi

Wordcount: 3065

Rating: PG-13

Characters: Sam, Dean, various crazy and doomed OCs

Warnings: Scary imagry, pseudo black magic

Summary: Sam and Dean have returned to Lawrence for the first time since John left. There, they will discover who they are- the Heir of Hell and his Guardian.

Spoilers: Not a whole lot of spoilers, actually.

AN: This was written for the Summer of Evil challenge on [livejournal.com profile] evilsam_spn. I started off with Prompt No. 3, and things went sideways from there. I’ll include the prompt at the end.

Many, many, many thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] randomstasis for betaing this story for me. You did a wonderful job again!

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Title: Apocatastasis
Word Count: 3042
Summary: "Castiel wasn't God."

Written for the Summer of Evil challenge!

for the prompt: Sam has tried, and failed, to kill the new god.
When one weapon fails, it's time to upgrade and experiment. Since Dean won't have the stomach to do what it takes to save Earth from this new threat, Sam works in secret to discover, create, or become a weapon that will kill gods.

There are no limits. A hundred years in Hell has done wonders for Sam's sense of perspective.

Castiel wasn't God.
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So, I signed up for  the [info]evilsam_spn  Summer Of Evil Sam challenge to write three new Acoustics 'verse drabbles.  We're back at the beginning here, these three follow  Switches  and Rehearsal , so if you're just starting out, you should read those first.  If you're an old hand at these, welcome back and if you're new, welcome!   I apologize for the end here, but I just couldn't do Dean's first time in the room in 100 words. There will be a ficlet soon about that.  These are rather tame for this 'verse but if you go to read the earlier ones, please heed the warnings.

Title: Completion
Characters: Sam
Genre: pre-slash
Rating: PG
Summary:  Sam's done waiting.

The room is somewhere… else.  )

Title: Life As You Know It
Characters: Evil!Sam, Dean
Genre: pre-slash
Rating: R
Summary:  Life as Dean knows it is over. 

Dean’s asleep when Sam arrives at their motel room )

Title: Options
Characters: Evil!Sam, Dean
Genre: pre-slash
Rating: R
Summary:  Sam's ready to play.

Sam opts for a playroom for Dean’s first time.  )

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Hello everyone!

So the posting schedule is finally here.

I've tried to accommodate everybody's requests with regard to posting. Where you've got more than one fanwork to post I've given you additional dates so you can spread out your posts. I appreciate the start of the posting is a little later than expected but RL has gotten in the way a little bit.

If you have a problem with your posting date, please let me know and you will be assigned another one. In practice that means though that you'll get put to the end of the queue.

When posting I don't mind whether you actually post the fanwork here, or whether you post to your own LJ and post a link here. Either works, and please feel free to crosspost as much as you like, but if you could mention the challenge that would be awesome.

Date Poster

5th [livejournal.com profile] tifaching
7th [livejournal.com profile] verucasalt123
10th [livejournal.com profile] monicawoe
13th [livejournal.com profile] immortal_jedi
15th [livejournal.com profile] mylifewithin
18th [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666
20th [livejournal.com profile] ladytiferet
24th [livejournal.com profile] aceofannwn
25th [livejournal.com profile] rainyrocket
28th [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair
29th [livejournal.com profile] rainyrocket
30th [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair
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Hello everyone!

This is the state of affairs at the moment:

- I am still waiting to hear from a handful of challenge participants, who have been harrassed via email and PM to check in.

- Due to above and most people requesting late posting dates, we will now begin posting Monday 5th of September, a few days later than originally planned

- Posting schedule is currently being finalised, pending information from the few missing participants

- I aim to release the posting schedule later this week, whether or not I receive it

- I have tried to accommodate your requests and needs as far as possible based on the information provided

- Please take a moment to see if the info you gave in the Check-in Post is still valid and let me know if anything has changed or you want to give me some more details (e.g. if you require more than one posting date due the large quantity of fanworks you plan on posting, or if you're eloping and unavailable on certain dates, or had decided to withdraw or... you get the drift?)

- Questions? Comments? Cookies for the mod?

Many thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair for letting me steal her most excellent wordage from over at [livejournal.com profile] lewis_challenge
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Hello everyone!

September is fast approaching and with it the posting of Summer of Evil creations. I thought it was an appropriate time to check in with the participants to see how everyone is doing and to provide some preliminary info about posting.

Posting dates:

As you know I had planned to start posting from 1st of September onwards. I am prepared to move the start date forward if people require more time so please make sure you answer that question in the comments.

I am also planning on assigning posting dates for people so as to avoid overwhelming the comm and people's flists. It makes sense to spread out stuff than to have everyone post their things on the same day. I understand that people may have more than one piece of fanwork to post in which case an individual may be assigned two or more posting dates as required. It's not strict "one fanwork per day" kind of rule, but say if you have ten different ficlets for ten different prompts it would make sense to give you a space of three days to post them. As always I welcome feedback on this.

You have a chance to express preference to earlier/later posting datesso make sure you answer that question below.

So without further ado...

Did you sign up to the Summer of Evil Challenge?

If yes, then please comment and answer the following:
• Are you still on board?
• Do you predict being finished with your creations by 1st of September?
• Would you prefer I extend the deadline and start posting later than the planned 1st of September?
• How many pieces of fanwork do you plan on posting? We would like some indication as to whether you're planning on posting e.g. one long fic or ten shorter ones - this is so we can provide you with more then one posting date if required (see above).
• Do you prefer an early or later posting date(s)? Any particular days you definitely can't do?

Many thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair for letting me steal her most excellent wordage from over at [livejournal.com profile] lewis_challenge
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Yes my awesome Evil!Sam Fen, the time is finally here. So gather up writers and artists and vidders and mixers. Flex your creative muscles and stretch those imaginations until they're all loose and limber.

Ready? Then let's hit it!

Summer of Evil Challenge – Sign-Ups

First, a reminder or what exactly you are signing-up to do and when.

Minimum Output: Signing up to the Summer of Evil Challenge would mean that you agree to produce at least one of the following:

• Longer fics - 1,000 words
• Ficlets - 2 ficlets (ficlet = anything between 100 and 999 words)
• Drabble series - 3 drabbles (drabble = 100 words)
• Icon set - 6 icons
• Larger graphics (headers, banners, wallpapers) - 1 graphic
• Fanmix - 10 songs
• Videos - 1 minute

Time Limits

Sign-Ups: 15th June - 30th June
Posting Starts: 1st September 2011
Posting Ends - when we've ran out of things to post.

Other Things

Questions & Answers- may answer many of your questions
Prompts List

And finally, HOW TO SIGN UP

To sign-up for the Summer of Evil Challenge, please comment with the following information.

• Name:
• Creative output:
i.e. What are you planning on doing: We would like at least some idea of what you're planning on. This could be as vague or as detailed as you'd like.
Prompts you plan on using if any: as explained before, you do not have to use any of the prompts, nor do you have to claim them as 'yours' to use them. However, it would be awesome to hear if you've been inspired by any particular prompt(s) and plan on using them in your creative efforts. Simply list the relevant prompt numbers from the Prompts List

SIGN-UP ALREADY! And tell your friends to do the same.

Many thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair for letting me steal the Sign-up post wordage from over at [livejournal.com profile] lewis_challenge
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Summer of Evil - Prompt List

So I have now collated all of the prompts and we have a grand total of 18 prompts of different types.

These will be listed below. I'm hoping I've managed to get everything right. There were a couple of prompts that didn't state what type of fanwork was required so I've put these under the Any Fanworks section. If you want these amending please tell me and I'll change them on the list.

I've separated the list into Fic, Vids, Any Fanwork Type and Art.

Please don't claim prompts here. I'll be posting a sign-up entry tomorrow where you will be able to claim the prompts that you'd like to use. I appreciate the sign-up post will be a day later than anticipated but RL has a habit of getting in the way at times.




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Summer of Evil Challenge - Prompt Post

Many thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair for letting me steal the prompt post wordage from over at [livejournal.com profile] lewis_challenge

So, here we go...

* In comments, post prompts for the Summer of Evil Challenge, the results of which will be posted from 1st of September onwards.

* Prompts can be short or detailed, and take any form you like.

* Write the preferred fanwork type and pairing/characters in the subject line of the comment box. This makes it easier for people to find the type of prompts they might be interested in filling.

* Provide warnings if you are discussing or linking to potentially triggery content.

* Spoilers - A lot of people have not seen all, or indeed any of the latest season. If you're including spoilers in your prompt please put 'Spoilers' in the subject line.

* Examples:

Subject: Fic, Sam/Dean
Prompt: Sci-fi AU, Sam has wings, Dean doesn't, but hey he's not jealous. He's got a spaceship after all, first time.

Subject: Vid, Team Gen

Prompt: I would very much like a Team Gen video to The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel.

Subject: Art, Sam/Ruby/Jo, Warning: Link is NSFW
Prompt: I would like some sexy het art including some light or hard bondage. Sam and Ruby have fun with Jo.

Subject: Fic, Gen or Sam/Castiel, Warning: non-con, violence
Prompt: I would like fic where Castiel is captured by Sam and... *this is where I might go into detail about all the nasty, awful things I'd like to see done to Castiel.*

* Prompt claiming: I'm keeping this very informal, so there is no need to 'reserve' a prompt for yourself (though feel free to comment on each other's prompts, the prompter will undoubtedly be thrilled to know if you're considering their idea or even agree that it's the best ever). More than one person can use the same prompt as inspiration.

*During the sign-ups I'll ask people to provide some details of what they're planning to make for the Create-a-thon, including, if applicaple, any prompts they plan on filling.

* PLAY NICE. There will be no mocking/insulting of each others' prompts/pairings or exclamations of disgust/horror. Your kinks are not everyone else's kinks and vice versa, be respectful. Or else.

* Finally, HAVE FUN. There is no limit to how many prompts you can post so go wild, people!

Questions & Answers
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Summer of Evil - Questions and answers post

First of all many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair for creating the banner above, and for also letting me steal the Q&A from over at [livejournal.com profile] lewis_challenge

Q: What type of fanworks do you accept?
A: All kinds, so fiction, art, graphics, videos, music mixes, cosplay, interpretative dance... If it's evil!Sam related and you can create it, then go for it.

Q: Do I need to choose only one format of creative outlet?
A: Of course not. Mix-and-match is absolutely fine.

Q: What genres do you accept?
A: This challenge is open to all combinations of sexual/romantic entanglements (I would say pairings, but secretly I'm hoping someone will write a threesome) as well as gen.

Q: Will there be minimum limits to the contributions?
A: Yes, but I aim to keep those quite low level so as to encourage participation. Signing up would mean that you agree to produce at least on of the following:-

Longer fics - 1,000 words
Ficlets - 2 ficlets (ficlet = anything between 100 and 999 words)
Drabble series - 3 drabbles (i.e. 3 x 100 words)
Icon set - 6 icons
Larger graphics (headers, banners, wallpapesr) - 1 graphic
Fanmix - 10 songs
Videos - 1 minute

Q: How about maximum limits?
A: No. Go crazy folks.

Q: Okay, so what are the time limits?
A: This is the timetable:-

Prompts, initial round for the challenge: 22nd May - 5 June 2011
Sign-Ups: 12th June - 26th June
Posting Starts: 1st September 2011
Posting Ends - when we've ran out of things to post.

Q: Will there be prompts?
A: Yes - there will be an initial round of prompts for the main challenge posted later today.

Q: But I don't want to use other people's prompts because I have my own awesome idea. Will you make me pick something?
A: No I won't. Prompts are there to inspire, not to limit your creativity.

Q: Can I use this challenge to finish wips?
A: Absolutely you can.

Prompt Post


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